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Hushed vocals floating over expansive sonic spaces shift between harsh noise and ambient soundscapes; a duality that embodies the promise and disillusion that runs through postcards’ hometown and their country’s history.
’ll be here in the morning (ruptured/t3 records/  cargo records) is the fourth release and first full- length album of the dream pop band that finds them  working once again with long-time producer fadi tabbal of tunefork studios. the album’s lyrics reveal a young woman caught between hope and despair, and the music complements that dichotomy with instrumentation that nods to dream pop, noise rock, shoegaze and jangle pop.

I’ll be here in the morning comes after 3 well-received eps: lakehouse (2013), what lies so still (2015) and here before (2017). the band has been regularly touring europe, the uk and the middle east since 2014 and has also opened for bands like beirut (2014) and angus and julia stone (2015). initially formed in lebanon in 2012 with their friend rany bechara, the band now operates as a trio.
Postcards are Julia Sabra (Lead vocals, guitar, bass synth, synth and organ) Pascal Semerdjian (Drums, sampler, bass synth and backing vocals) Marwan Tohme (Guitar, bass and backing vocals)




Interbellum is the musical project of Lebanese singer-songwriter Karl Mattar, formerly known as Charlie Rayne. Formed in 2015, the project sees him working alongside multi-instrumentalist and
producer Fadi Tabbal and other musicians from the Beirut music scene. The band’s sophomore album is slated for release on Lebanese indie label Ruptured in the fall of 2018. While their debut
(Now Try Coughing, 2016) featured lo-fi guitar-driven songs recorded live to cassette, the upcoming follow-up took shape in Tabbal’s Tunefork Studios and expands the band’s palette
considerably, adding synthesizers, samples and electronics. The single Another Day / First Light, released in February 2018, hints at the band’s new direction.
Catch Interbellum at Wickerpark with a new line-up featuring Julia Sabra and Pascal Semerdjian
from Postcards, and Camille Cabbabé from KŌZŌ. 





Kid Fourteen is the solo moniker of Khodor Ellaik, currently based in Beirut-Lebanon. Between
2010 and 2014, Ellaik was the frontman of punk band Beirut Scum Society and the short-lived
post-punk/no-wave outfit Friendly Faces. Following these ill-fated experiences, Ellaik adopted a
solo aesthetic originally blending punk sensibilities and noise-pop elements. His debut album
Dream Kids Never Sleep was released in 2016 on Ruptured music label. 
Kid Fourteen’s second album Blood-Thick Silence was released in April 13th 2018 by 'pinyon' (UK).



What started out as a project to discover frequencies and their abilities, GIZZMO developed into becoming a full time musical venture. An Electronic / Funk / Alternative, band (for lack of a better word), combining the power of synthesis and raw sound into a new original composition.
The group experiments with different schemes and themes to uncover new musical and artistic grounds that move the feet and blow the mind, an experience that is very obvious in System Failure. 

Joy Moughanni: Guitar/drum machine/vocals/electronics
Alex Chahine: Keyboard/synth/vocals/electronics
Camilio Khoury: Low Frequencies/bass/vocal



Mazen el Sayed from Tripoli.


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The Sudanese band.

Photo by Karl Sfeir

‘Tanjaret Daghet’ is derived from the Arabic term for a
pressure pot, which in essence, expresses the sentiment on a
social level which the youth of the world are facing at this very

In a time of turmoil and upheaval 'Tanjaret Daghet' still
manage to keep what matters at the forefront of their lives,
namely making music that transcends worldly struggles and
tragedy, and in turn, uplifts the spirit.
The members ́ honest and powerful delivery of brilliantly
composed tracks truly represents the voices of today ́s youth,
whether in the Arab world or globally.
They are fueled with great passions, coupled with authenticity
and an unshakable sense of conviction. They come to you,
each with their own story from their homeland. It’s relatable
music, where someone miles and miles away can become
entwined within the words, and be uplifted by the beat.
‘Tanjaret Daghet’, which came to life in 2008, is the brainchild
of the lead singer and bass player Khaled Omran. One
metamorphosis after another, the band stands at what it is
today. Composed of three musicians, Tarek Khoulouki,
guitarist and backing vocalist, Dany Shukri, the drummer, and
of course, Khaled Omran, ‘Tanjaret Daghet’ is an expression of
everything they have experienced, that has been stored within
their psyche.